Science & Technology Leadership Institute  
Improving science and technology by improving leadership and communications  
Improving science and technology by improving leadership and communications
Our Consulting and Training Improve Leadership and  
Communications in Science and Technology Organizations 
Great science and technology need great leadership and communications.  We have 20+ years experience providing consulting and training that's achieved lasting results improving leadership, communications, teamwork, alignment, partnering and performance in science and technology organizations.  Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, IT and software organizations, engineering firms, software companies, mission critical management, artificial intelligence, medical equipment organizations, universities, health care and government.

Get insightful, pragmatic ideas to address your leadership and communications issues on our blog Improving Science and Technology Leadership, posted on Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology News, at

Leadership Training in your organization or our Leaders Circle programs challenges and supports you, develops core competencies, delivers essential insights.  Focus on improving technical leaders' communications and leadership in technical organizations. 

Teambuilding Consulting
for R&D and technical teams improves communications and performance in and between departments and organizations.  In the real world, science and technology are team sports.  Our consulting and training deliver lasting results.

Strategic Planning enables your department or organization to "invent your future."  We begin with SWOT analysis and surveys; refine vision, mission, values and goals; then ensure that the organization fully implements the plan at all levels.

Presentation Skills training improves your ability both to present complex ideas powerfully and to facilitate full, productive group discussion.  Our apporach features extensive practice, feedback and coaching.
Consulting Skills translate technical knowledge into real-world outcomes your organization needs.  Our training improves skills, increases consulting effectiveness, value and impacts on the organization.  For QA, IT, Audit, Sustainability, any professional in consulting roles.

Alliance Partnering consulting improves performance and communications in the strategic alliances that shape science and technical success.  Our programs build understanding and trust and generate lasting results. 

White Papers, Bookswe've written provide useful reference, in-depth insights, strategies and skills you can put to use improving Strategic Planning; Leadership, and R&D Partnering.  Our book The Partnering Solution is especially useful in improving partnering performance.  

Scitech Humor features a collection of the best jokes and puns we've overheard from clinicians, IT, even statisticians.  Yes, statisticians. The possibilities are endless.  The reality - priceless?  Frightening.
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